Private Coronavirus Test: Companies

Importance of early diagnosis of coronavirus in the workplace

Companies are facing a challenge in the field of human resources, this situation of chaos and hasty and often blind decision-making have been the result of the lack of a private coronavirus test: companies or an early diagnosis among their workers.

We offer companies:
Results time

Delivery of results in 24 hours (PCR/Serology), and 30 minutes (Antigens).

No appointment

You don't need an appointment to take the test. Go at the right time.


We have two medical centers, each with different schedules. See here

No queues, no waiting

We have waits less than 10 minutes. Avoid coming first thing in the shift.


Different scenarios for taking action in the work environment


Workers who are developing COVID-19 disease and through private coronavirus tests can assess the possible medical discharge for job reinstatement.


Workers who have already developed COVID-19 disease and are immunized for this strain.


Workers who have not been in contact with the virus have not developed the disease and therefore must strengthen their security measures.

Scheme of early diagnosis in the work environment

private coronavirus tests
early diagnosis of covid 19 in the workplace
private covid test

Services included in Covid-19 testing for businesses

Private coronavirus test: Companies, for the detection of COVID-19 aim to be the key to the passport back to social and work normality. Therefore, with this initiative, it is intended to provide companies and individuals with a comprehensive response to current needs, through the different services included:

Private coronavirus test: Individuals

Different sampling points in the Community of Madrid.

Although the analysis of private coronavirus tests is centralized a laboratory, a network of centres at different points will be made available to stakeholders to avoid displacement to the extent. There is also the possibility of travel to the facilities of the company or collective.

Private coronavirus test: Individuals

Delivery of results online.

The results will be accessible to interested parties within 12–24 hours according to the test on an online platform with the personal code delivered along with the test.

Other services offered for private coronavirus testing: Companies

Medical advice for the choice of diagnostic tests. *Optional.

The medical direction of the project will analyze in the case of the different health circumstances of the members of the groups, what will be the tests to be carried out, according to deadlines, possible contacts and other circumstances that affect the most reliable choice. Fast kits are currently excluded due to their high percentage of false negatives.

Medical follow-up of outcomes and patients.*Optional.

Likewise, the medical management will monitor the results and that of the sick in the positive cases, being empowered for these prescriptions.

In the case of positive results, this follow-up will extend to direct family members with which you have had direct contact.


Business service

We have a percentage discount according to the number of workers, option to perform the tests on the company's premises. For more information, you can contact the management service directly: Email / Whatsapp

Address / Schedules

Go to our centers without an appointment to get the COVID-19 test in Madrid.

We take the sample, send it to the lab and receive its result in 24/30 hours (from your analysis).


Hours of testing

Monday to Friday: 8:30-13:45 and 15:00-19:00

Saturdays: 09:00 to 11:30

Sundays: 10:00 to 13:00

medical center pine forest

AR. San Luis, 164 – 28033 MadridEma
il: pacientes@centromedicopinar.esT
elephone: 626 31 02 42


Hours of testing

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Closed: Afternoons, weekends and holidays.

count orgaz medical center

Calle José Rizal, 119 – 28043 Madrid
Telephone: 626 31 02 42

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626 31 02 42


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