Private coronavirus test: Individuals

Private coronavirus tests and tests carried out in the Community of Madrid to individuals aim to provide more health information to people who want to know if they have had contact with the coronavirus and/or developed Covid-19 disease.

Social est est certainity

Confinement and social estgnation are the most effective measures to contain contagion. But the inevitable social contact that people have when moving to make the necessary arrangements or previous, work or family contacts makes it advisable to carry out these private coronavirus tests to know the possible contagion or development of covid-19.

Services that include private coronavirus tests: Private

Private coronavirus diagnostic tests or tests: individuals, for the detection of COVID-19 aim to be the key to the passport back to social and work normality. These tests are subject to medical interpretation due to various factors. Therefore, with this initiative, it is intended to provide companies and individuals with a comprehensive response to current needs, through the different services included:

Private coronavirus test: Individuals

Different sampling points in the Community of Madrid.

Although the analysis of private coronavirus tests is centralized a laboratory, a network of centres at different points will be made available to stakeholders to avoid displacement to the extent. There is also the possibility of travel to the facilities of the company or collective.

Private coronavirus test: Individuals

Delivery of results online.

The results will be accessible to interested parties within 12–24 hours according to the test on an online platform with the personal code delivered along with the test.

Business information.

Both the laboratories that are part of this service, as well as the sampling and medical care points, have all the health permits for this purpose in addition to extensive experience in the healthcare sector. All the information contained in this document is informative in order to be able to have a greater knowledge on how to respond to this challenge that arises.

COVID-19 test prices

Compare between the different types of COVID-19 tests in Madrid, each of which will take you to the diagnosis you are looking for. We offer service to individuals and companies.

PCR price of coronavirus testsTest(Nasal and
Pharynge Exudate)


This test is being used to diagnose whether or not a person is infected with coronavirus.

Compprice of serological coronavirus testslete Serology (Tota
l Antibodies)


Using laboratory ELISA technique, to know if we have generated antibodies (IgG), quantify them and find out if there is no infection (IgM).

Antiprice of coronavirus testsgen test (nasal exud
ate or pharynge)


This test is being used to diagnose whether or not a person is infected with coronavirus.

price of pcr coronavirus tests
Full Profile (
PCR + Serology)


This set of tests tells us if you have the virus at any stage of contagion and if it has generated antibodies.

price of pcr coronavirus tests
Secure Profile
(Antigens + PCR)


This set of tests helps us confirm if you have the virus currently in the short and long term.

price of pcr coronavirus tests
Detection Profi
le(Antigens + Serology)


This set of tests tells us if you have the virus only in the initial phase, if it has passed it and/or generated antibodies.

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